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On February 24, 2017, she released the first part of a three-EP project, Chapter One: Blue. I have so many more than I named here of course, but that's for another day and another time!! I'm a California g URL, we oh so huttt, whutttt??? I absolutely luv my BFF Sarah Shephard, that wacky girl rocks my world!! YOU ARE MY INSPIRATION THAT S WHY I STARTED DANCE I AM GOING 3 YEARS DANCE AND I LOVE IT YOU HAVE KISSES FROM GREECE .!!!!

LA-based Autumn is just 15 but has been dancing since the age of five, and has wowed dancers from all over the globe with her technical ability.Miller released her debut album, Not an Apology, on July 24, 2015, on Hollywood Records. Miller performed "Yes Girl" and another song titled "Song Like You" numerous times on the Revival Tour.Her song "This Little Light of Mine" was featured in a 2016 advertising campaign for 3 Musketeers.The group are hosting the event, which will see young dancers from across the UK and from further afield come to see the star.As part of a European tour, Autumn will be visiting Glasgow on June 4 to help young dancers with tips and tricks to improve their skills.

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