Is ryan gosling still dating eva mendes

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However, the twosome are known for being particularly private, so Miz Mendes' absence from the awards show isn't really a shock.

But hey, Ryan looked good enough for the two of them! [ This is one trend that hasn't died down in the new year!

that she will not be attending the event, while another source insists that Ryan won’t go alone.

Ryan previously was asked if Eva would be coming, but he was non-committal.

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Striped wedges and tousled hair completed the serene, spring-ready look. But according to Eva Mendes, there's a very good reason she hasn't been on the red carpet in months and opted to skip out on awards season as Ryan Gosling celebrated wins with star's arm was none other than his older sister, Mandi Gosling!!

"Instead of hitting the red carpet, I’d rather be with our girls." It sounds like she has her hands full, as Gosling's movie roster is consistently filled up, and the couple is adverse to hiring a nanny.

"In some ways, it’s been more challenging to get back in shape after my second daughter," she told the magazine.

Though Eva, 42, stayed home, Ryan still made the night a family affair by bringing his stunning sibling!And while they haven't taken every pain to be left alone—they do still live in the Hollywood area, after all—Eva and Ryan have succeeded at being so low-key as a unit that they've managed to welcome two new human beings into this world in as quiet a fashion as possible despite Gosling's ever rising profile as an actor and Eva remaining in demand for all things beauty and fashion.!We hate to break it to you, Eva, but that's exactly what people have already figured out about you.That, and you and Ryan have one of the most trusting, secure relationships around, because otherwise it might be weird to see your partner off night after night to red carpet appearances—particularly this past year with Gosling's becoming the hottest thing in show business since Botox—and not feel a twinge of "hmm, maybe I should go to this one."Instead, Gosling has taken to giving Mendes subtle shout-outs from the screen, whether while hosting Gosling even took a little crap online (actually, he probably never saw it, but memo to Ryan: you got crap) for calling Mendes "my lady" and showering her with appreciation for holding down the home front while he was off making . ” The front of the issue further teases a “blowout fight before [the] Oscars,” a “screaming match” over Emma Stone, and a custody battle for their kids. ” “Consumed with jealousy over Ryan Gosling’s closeness with Emma Stone, Eva Mendes is ready to pull the plug on their five-year romance,” writes the magazine, which says the couple is at a “crossroads” in their “under-the-radar romance.” It’s specially alleged, “The day before the [Academy Awards] ceremony, the couple got into a blowout fight after Eva rejected Ryan’s pleas to attend the awards show — because she was fed up with how close he has become with his red-hot co-star, Emma Stone!

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