Assertiveness in dating

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We had a chance to catch up with this relationship expert, and learned some tips about exploring the always-confusing and eternally intriguing dating scene. As much as I enjoy watching romantic comedies, that’s a big order on the shopping list!

For many single women, especially those who are in their thirties or forties and are looking for long-term relationships, looking for the “perfect guy” is a challenge. A lot of relationships can develop into that, but it takes a lot of work.

If you are not comfortable doing this, it would be something to start practicing no matter what your goals are as far as dating.

While it's been my experience that most women will tend not to want to date a guy who never stands up for himself and who is more concerned with other peoples' feelings than he is with his own, being generally more attractive is the least of the benefits I've found associated with setting strong boundaries with invasive people.

action - by being a watcher, an observer - than by any action I took. stuck watching from the bleachers and the sidelines while the aggressive go-getter action-takers dominate life.

So I can understand and empathize when guys write in asking Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone.

I was dancing at a club once and a woman was dancing close to me, trying to get my attention.

Don’t over do it, but strive to say what you want, without asking her for permission first, and then try leave some room for her to object or provide an alternative if she needs to.

Sometimes even very intelligent, funny, confident women don’t ask guys out because they believe that “it’s the man’s role”, or they fear rejection, scaring men off, or appearing too keen.

But there is a whole generation of men who want women to make the first move, and feel that women should embrace the power and independence they now have.

And in fact, some guys are just too shy, or don’t know what to say, or think that you won’t be interested.

But perhaps your lifestyle doesn’t bring you into contact with potential new partners.

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